When it comes to baby products; the ongoing list of needs can be overwhelming, and very costly. As parents we will check off everything on the list if it provides great quality and comfort to our precious bundle of joy. But what about convenience? Coddle Luv Infant Carrier Cover is all our baby needs for a sound sleep, privacy, and optimum protection in public settings. 

Use this product to protect your infant from dirt and germs in public places such as restaurant high chairs, and retail shopping carts. WHY? Because the Coddle Luv Infant Carrier Cover is an All-in-One infant Car Seat & Stroller Cover, Shopping Cart Cover, Nursing Cover, High Chair Cover, as well as, a camouflage 2-in-1 fashionable scarf and shawl. YES! This multi use “REVERSIBLE” baby cover can be worn as a scarf or shawl.  Additionally, it can be used for privacy while breastfeeding. What a great way to combine fashion with nursing.

WANT MORE CONVENIENCE? Unlike other infant car seat covers, this patented infant carrier cover provides a large storage pocket, allowing mom & dad to leave bulky baby bags behind when running short errands during the day. Simply drop your keys, cellphone, pamper, and bottle in this deep pocket and go! (heavy items not advised)

Last but NEVER least, this company stands behind its Quality & Safety…  Extremely soft, Stretchy, MACHINE WASHABLE. This product is BPA Free, Flame Retardant, Phthlate Free, Lead Free and Latex Free. What more can you ask for?

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